Wild Cliff Honey (500gm)


Wild Cliff Honey (500gm)

This precious honey is famous for being harvested at some of the highest altitudes (2500-3800m !!) around the world.



Welcome to Divine Himalayan, your premier source for the finest Wild Cliff Honey, one of our flagship products. Our honey is a pure, natural treasure harvested from the rugged cliffs of Lamjung, situated at elevations ranging from 2500 to 3000 meters. Dive into the world of Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey, where nature’s bounty meets unmatched purity.

Harvested from the Wild Cliffs of Lamjung

Our Wild Cliff Honey is a testament to the pristine beauty of the Lamjung region. Sourced exclusively from cliffside hives situated at elevations between 2500 to 3000 meters, this honey is a rare and untouched delicacy.

Harvesting Process:

The locals, with generations of expertise, carefully extract this honey from the remote cliffs of Lamjung. The challenging terrain and pristine environment ensure the honey’s purity. It’s a labor of love that results in a golden elixir untouched by pollution.

Nutrients Found:

Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey is a natural powerhouse of nutrients.It’s rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals. This honey contains natural herbal sugars, along with fructose and glucose, presenting a quick and sustainable energy raise. Additionally, it boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Discover the numerous benefits of Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey:

– Boosts immune system

– Promotes digestive health

– Supports wound healing

– Aids in cough and cold relief

– Enhances skin health

– Provides natural energy

How to Consume:

Incorporating Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey into your daily routine is easy:

Direct Consumption: Enjoy a spoonful of this raw honey as a natural sweetener.

Tea and Beverages: Add a drizzle to your tea or warm water for a soothing drink.

Culinary Delights: Use it as a wholesome ingredient in cooking and baking.

Skin Care: Apply it topically for glowing skin and wound healing.

Why Choose Divine Himalayan?:

Pure and Untouched: Our honey is sourced from pristine cliffs, ensuring unmatched purity.

Authenticity Guarantee: Each jar comes with a certification of authenticity.

Sustainably Harvested: We promote sustainable beekeeping practices, supporting local communities.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we provide exceptional customer service.

Elevate your well-being with Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey. Experience the untamed beauty and health benefits of Lamjung’s wild cliffs in every spoonful. Order your jar today and savor nature’s finest gift.

Divine Himalayan – Where the Essence of the Himalayas Meets Your Table.

FAQs for wild cliff honey:

1. What exactly is wild cliff honey?

Wild cliff honey is an exceptional and uncommon honey variety crafted by bees that collect nectar from the lofty Himalayan rhododendron blossoms. Its fame rests on its one-of-a-kind taste, captivating scent, and its potential therapeutic benefits.

2. What are the advantages of consuming wild cliff honey?

Wild cliff honey is abundant in antioxidants, vital vitamins, and essential minerals. It is well-recognized for its capacity to combat inflammation, ward off bacteria, and combat fungi. Consequently, numerous individuals rely on wild cliff honey to support their immune system, promote digestion, and relieve respiratory concerns.

3. Is it safe to consume wild cliff honey?

In most cases, wild cliff honey is considered safe for consumption among the majority of people. Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware that it might contain grayanotoxin, a substance that could result in mild side effects like dizziness and light-headedness if consumed excessively. To stay on the safe side, you can start with a small amount and gradually increase it.

4. How should I use wild cliff honey?

You can enjoy wild cliff honey in many ways. You can eat it plain, mix it with food or drink, or dissolve it in water. It’s also utilized in a variety of traditional medicines and recipes.

5. What’s the recommended dosage for wild cliff honey?

The recommended dosage of wild cliff honey varies depending on personal preferences and intended effects.To start, it’s a good idea to begin with a small amount, such as a teaspoon per day, and then slowly increase it based on how well you tolerate it.

6. How should I store wild cliff honey?

For proper storage, keep wild cliff honey in a cool, dark place. You can also extend its shelf life by refrigerating or freezing it.

7. How long can I keep wild cliff honey?

If stored correctly, wild cliff honey can retain its quality for several years. Occasionally, it might crystallize over time, which is a natural process and doesn’t impact its quality.

8. How can I determine the purity of wild cliff honey?

Pure wild cliff honey exhibits a thick, viscous texture, along with its distinct flavor and aroma. It should be free of any additives or impurities.

9. Where can I purchase wild cliff honey?

You can find Magic Mad Honey in Divine HImalayan’s website or any of our certified resellers outlets throughout the world that offer our products.

10. What sets Divine Himalayan’s wild cliff honey apart from other brands?

Divine Himalayan’s wild cliff honey is sourced from the pristine heights of the Himalayas, harvested in a sustainable manner. Prior to being made available, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its purity and potency, guaranteeing you the highest quality product.


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